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The Preschool Directors Association has operated a chat line for a number of years to allow for all members to share information, both theoretical and that of a more practical nature.

South Australia is a large state and as such there can be settings that are geographically isolated. The chat line provides the chance for all leaders in early childhood settings to share information and the highs and lows of their everyday work. It is a fast and effective way of keeping members informed of PDA business. It also allows members to respond to each other’s questions and undertake professional discussions via email.

The chat line has been especially helpful to new directors and we encourage all members to ask for advice or information of other colleagues via the chat line. The chat line Administrator for 2018 is Sarah Weightman.

Email :

Members are automatically registered upon payment of the membership each year. The chat line is a member only site.

Meeting Info

Meetings for the Preschool Director’s Association are held at least twice each Term. All meetings are open however only members of the elected Committee may vote.

The Annual General Meeting is held in the early part of the Term 1 at which time reports from the Office Bearers are presented and accepted. Portfolio Group Conveners also present a short report. In this way the membership take the opportunity to be fully informed of the scope of the work undertaken on their behalf.

Another meeting is held over a half day with all other meetings taking place after hours for a shorter period.

The Association is committed to ensuring the topic of early childhood education remains high on the agenda across the state. From time to time other events are scheduled and all members are welcome to attend.

Meetings & Workshop  Date & Details  Venue 
AGM 2022

Friday 25th of March

from 3pm to 4pm

Via Zoom
Meeting link:



(DOCX, 62KB)


To ensure a more collective voice and timely response to requests for information and input it was decided to develop the Portfolio Group structure within PDA.

It was envisaged that this targeted style of input from interested members would translate into regularly updated information to ensure an informed response in a timely fashion.

Members seek to inform themselves of current methodology and relevant trends to ensure that input provided to DECD is of the highest standard.

The overall outcome that is sought remains the provision of excellent early childhood curriculum and care in South Australia.

2018 Nomination Form

(DOCX, 62KB)


The Preschool Directors Assoc develops regular newsletters. Newsletters include topical items of interest and reports from Committee Members and Portfolio Group Convenors. The first newsletter of the year is distributed to all sites in hard copy. Subsequent newsletters are then sent to financial members electronically.