The Preschool Directors Association has a growing membership with interested leaders across the state seeking to work together to ensure the maintaining and further development of excellent educational programs for young children and their families.

Membership entitlements include

  • Advocacy for preschools in South Australia
  • Regular newsletters
  • Representation on working parties and reference groups pertinent to preschool operations across DECD including with
    • The Chief Executive
    • The Head of Child Child Development
    • The Minister for Education and Child Development
  • Meetings, forums, conferences and training and development activities
  • Contact with a network of early childhood educators
  • Contribution to the development of PDA policies and position papers through the Portfolio groups
  • Access to the PDA email chatline

For further information contact the Chatline Administrator.

The following persons are eligible for Full Membership

  • All DECD personnel currently working as preschool directors.
  • Directors currently in seconded positions
  • Persons who are currently holding leadership or project officer positions within DECD primarily concerned with early childhood education.
  • Persons currently on leave who held the position of preschool director immediately prior to the commencement of their leave.
  • Persons taking out full membership of the association must meet one of the above criteria and have worked as a Director within the last 12 months..

Associate Membership is available to

  • Persons holding the position of officers of the DECD primarily concerned with early childhood education, who have not been a preschool director within the last three years.
  • Preschool teachers.
  • Persons involved in early childhood in an administrative capacity.
  • Persons who have previously held full membership.
  • Persons involved in early childhood education in tertiary institutions.

An associate member may attend all meetings and conferences and are eligible to vote at the AGM and Special General Meetings.